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Carbon Catridge Filter

Carbon Catridge filters are used for smaller flow rates and lesser contamination of oily particles. The reuse of the above filters is limited to a maximum of three months on continous usage. They are compact with less maintenance and will fit in regular cartridge housings.

Carbon Cartridge filters

They have the following advantages in liquids:

  • Reduces organics and particulate from plating, acid, alkalines and hydrocarbon solutions.
  • Chlorine reduction from water with low flow rates.
  • Entire carbon bed exposed to flow while minimizing amount of carbon fines down stream.

Granular Carbon Filter

Granular carbon filters are used for high flow rates and high contamination of oils. They are advantageous because the carbon on getting exhausted can be reused after cleaning the carbon in detergent liquid.

Granular Carbon Filter

Filter housings are generally made of MS-Powder coated, FRP and stainless steel.